Biden to take "calculated risk" with Putin summit

Biden to take “calculated risk” with Putin summit

American President Joe Biden plans to do what his predecessors couldn’t; forge a relationship with Russia that includes healthy doses of skepticism and stability. On the verge of a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he isn’t too optimistic, although he’s taking a strategic approach.

Biden’s approach to the Putin summit

Joe Biden Vladimir Putin Summit
Piture credit: Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons.

Sources within the Biden presidency, alongside external sources with knowledge of the summit, say that the president will take a tough line with his counterpart. He is willing, however, to make a few concessions. Officials refused to highlight what these may be.

His team calculates, though, that these will be calculated and should be worth flak from Republican counterparts. This criticism has already begun, with many on the right-hand side of the aisle making complaints about the meeting itself.

As a former Biden aide noted:

He sees it as kind of a calculated risk and isn’t that concerned about it. If it turned into some huge scandal or something, that’s one matter, but just the meeting in itself, I’m not sure he’s that worried about a couple days of people on Twitter.

Because of this importance, Joe Biden has been preparing extensively for the summit with Vladimir Putin. Though President Biden has been traveling Europe for the G7 – which Russia infamously left – and other events. He has also been consulting with multiple policy and national security experts.

International sactions against Russia and Vladimir Putin

Bidens discussions are going well, according to some reports, with world leader’s apparently being impressed. That could be a positive sign for the newly-elected American president. It could lead to more international cooperation against Russia’s human rights violations.

Restoring diplomatic cooperation will be at the forefront of discussions, however. As President Barack Obama‘s former ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, notes:

Restoring diplomatic presence, that’s a good thing. But I think the bulk of the meeting should be about our disagreements because that’s the bulk of what it is right now.

President Joe Biden will meet with President Vladimir Putin near Genevea this Wednesday. They’re scheduled to speak in two sessions across the day. The first of these will include a small group of diplomats, while the second will have a larger one. These talks will last several hours, following which Biden is scheduled to hold a solo press conference.

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